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Seebohm Hill - Connecting social entrepreneurs and social investors to deliver innovative ways of meeting social need

What we mean by sustainability

  • A social enterprise that earns enough income from trading activities to cover all costs of operations, invest in new business development, build sufficient reserves to cope with adverse times and pay reasonable financial returns to investors for the capital provided.
  • A capital allocation made by an investor which earns only social returns in the early years, with principal repayment (if required) and financial returns to be made based on the performance of the business once the social enterprise has achieved operational and financial sustainability.
  • Any business development and other support that is required to be provided wherever possible by local organisations with business relationships based on collaboration for mutual long-term benefit.

What we do

Our aim at Seebohm Hill is to bring together the financial resources, skills and capabilities within a local business community to enable social enterprises to operate successfully and sustainably and social investors to earn reasonable social and financial returns.


Why we do it

We believe that most communities in 21st century Britain have the skills, resources and wherewithal to meet their own needs if their various stakeholders are connected in the right ways. 


Who we work with

Social Enterprises

Social Investors

Local Business Community